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What is Bushwick Eco Initiatives?

Bushwick Eco Initiatives is a community organization that works on projects that seek to minimize or reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

Since methane is a greenhouse gas, this means that by composting, we can collectively reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going into the environment.


Bushwick Eco Initiatives es una organización comunitaria que trabaja en proyectos que buscan minimizar o reducir la cantidad de gases de efecto invernadero en la atmósfera.

Dado que el metano es un gas de efecto invernadero, esto significa que mediante el compostaje, podemos reducir colectivamente la cantidad de gases de efecto invernadero que ingresan al medio ambiente.


Our Initiatives

Curbside Composting

The first project we’re working on is to get Bushwick residents access to Curbside Composting; a program currently offered to many other NYC neighborhoods but not Bushwick.

El primer proyecto en el que estamos trabajando es para que los residentes de Bushwick tengan acceso a compostaje en la acera; un programa que se ofrece actualmente a muchos otros barrios de la ciudad de Nueva York, pero no a Bushwick.

Sign Up for Composting

Why Compost?


Methane gas from landfills comprises 17.4% of the methane released into the atmosphere from human activity in the United States [1]. So by advocating for composting programs at scale, we can actively reduce the amount of methane that we're emitting with our food waste.

Additionally, without composting, the nutrients in our food like nitrogen and phosphorus would go to the landfill and would not return to the soil where they can be used by plants and microorganisms to grow. Thus by composting, we're recycling the nutrients that are contained in the food waste, and helping to keep our ecosystems healthy.


[1] EPA FAQ on Landfill Gas